Paddy Dennehy

Coughlan's, Douglas St.

Fri 15th Dec, 8:00 pm

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Paddy Dennehy
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Paddy Dennehy


Fri 15th Dec, 8:00 pm

As a child Paddy would rush to get a guitar or play the piano very loudly in the hopes that you might hear it and request a song before you left. He was not imbued with a keen sense of subtlety or restraint but he has been working on this over the years.

His first real sense of feeling a connection to music was listening to Mick Flannery perform ‘Evening Train’ on the ‘Late Late Show’.

From here there is a clear trajectory of influences - Mick Flannery led him to Tom Waits. Tom Waits led Paddy to Randy Newman who would lead on to Nick Cave. Other influences would surface in later years but Flannery, Waits, Newman and Cave have formed the bedrock of Paddy’s music.

When he started writing his second album, Paddy lived alone on his father’s small farm in County Limerick. It was a long way from anywhere and afforded him plenty of time to think, write and play with everything on full volume. It was both cathartic and challenging. His forthcoming album is called ‘Love and Be Brave’, and that’s it. That’s the point of the album. Love bravely, never passively and don’t take love as a given thing in this world. It must be earned and protected fiercely.

His second album will be released on the 25th of May 2023. The latest single ‘If I Can’t’ will be released on the 9th of March.

“Little Light is a captivating, heart-wrenching showcase of how powerful folk music can be.” - Hotpress Magazine

“This man is a rare talent.” - Rolling Stone France

"You really couldn’t wish for a more impressive debut album” -

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7 Douglas St.
+353 21 4961751